MWA partners with mental health support advocate – Black Dog Institute

MWA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Black Dog Institute ( to supply our motorcycling community with FREE* access to mental health resources and support tools recommended by professionals.  Black Dog Institute is an independent not-for-profit medical research institute which aims to create a mentally healthier world for everyone.

Under a mutual arrangement with Black Dog Institute, MWA will provide our sporting community members with easy access to mental health information, fact sheets and support services, via a link located on the MWA Website (see the Community Resources tab).  The information can be accessed for free and confidentially.

There are people in your community who are struggling with their mental health right now. In fact, nearly half of all Australians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime.

Although so many of us are touched by mental health issues, sometimes it can be hard to make sense of or find the right words to talk about it.


"Access a range of free resources developed to help you understand and manage your mental health as well as find support for yourself or others"