Civil War is on the 10th of March 2024


The Annual Civil War of Motocross is a fun event and is open to junior and senior riders. All points scored as per the GCR’s are accumulated towards team scores. Each member of the winning team wins a cash payout, while each member of the losing team receives a product from this years sponsor Repco, except 50cc demo where each participant receives a trophy.

Each team is allocated a captain, and both captains will be chosen by “the Commanding Officer” (president). The Captains job being to muster the troops and make sure that all battle weary troops still contest the finale, “THE BULL RUN” for double points. The teams may be drawn geographically; both sides will be drawn equally to provide the best “BATTLE OF BEAST AND BIKES” for the centuries.


50cc Demo 4-U9yrs (Practice and 4 rounds)
50cc Auto 7-U9yrs
65cc (7-u10) (10-u12) 7-u12yrs
85cc 2str /150cc 4str std wheel 9-U12 yrs
85cc 2str /150cc 4tr std/big wheel 12-U16 yrs
Junior Lites (125/250) 13-U16 yrs
Pro/Expert MX1
Pro/Expert MX2




Battle 1 (2-4 Same Order)


50cc Demo Battle of the Babes 3 laps

50cc Auto March of the Infantry 3 laps

65cc Dispatch Riders “GO” 3 laps

Junior Lites The Call to Arms 3 laps

Pro/Expert MX2 Jeffersons Convoy 3 laps

85cc (12-U16) big wheel Stars & Stripes 3 laps

Clubman Shilo Action 3 laps

Pro/Expert MX1 Gettysburg War 3 laps

85cc (9-U12) small wheel Charge of the Cavalry 3 laps

Veterans/Women Lincoln’s Blockade 3 laps


Feature Race  
Captain's Choice (Double Points)  
Seniors (The Bull Run) 6 Laps
The first 40 to nominate at sign on
Senior Shootout  

Last 50% eliminated for each lap until there is 3 remaining for the final lap.



See Civil War Regulations for further classification.



 This event would not be possible without our great partners sponsoring this event